Tape In Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Hair stylists who face clients with fine hair are often left in a dilemma to suggest the right ways to style or vary their hairdo. Indeed, with fine hair and short hair length there is not much that you can do with your hair. However, with advances in hair technology and products that are available in the market, most shortcomings are easily overcome with the right applications and the right techniques.

Tape in hair extensions

Gone are the days when one would think that hair extensions were only for elaborate theatrical performances or for stars. These are available in good quality and affordable prices and can offer you a transformational hairdo that you get at a place like Aveda hair salon. Youngsters and others who have fine hair but want to experiment with different looks will find a tape in hair extensions the perfect solution for a changed look.

These extensions help to add volume as well as add on length. All you need is to choose the right product that would match the color of your hair and texture of it as well. For such reasons it would be advisable to seek advice and help from a hair professional. You do not want to end up with a bad wrap that makes your hair look fake. For that reason the tape in extensions needs to be applied right.

How to use them?

Though there are home DIY kits available, you need to get yourself to a professional salon such as Aveda hair salon where professionals will get the extensions applied to your hair. These come with cuticle intact hair strands that look natural and need to be taped to the hair strands with adhesive of medical grade. You need to take them out after fix weeks and you can put them back on again if you wish. There is certain extension hair products that can reused as many as three times.  Hence, investing in such hair products will ensure great length and volume for your hair, which will last for 3 to 4 months.