A Summer Hair Style For Short Hair Length

Are you looking for new hair style ideas this summer? If you have shoulder length or shorter hair, you would find it easier to manage, especially if you live in tropical places where hair tends to get tangled and frizzy in the heat and humidity. However, it is no reason why you cannot try new looks or hair do this summer. Here is one hairdo that would certainly inspire you.

What you need?

Aveda hair salon gives you tips to get started with simple yet effective hair styles. This particular hair style offers you a rustic and carefree appearance. What you need is a flat or curling iron along with a teasing comb, bobby pins and a control hairspray product.

Steps to carry out

Ensure that the hair you try the style with is not too wispy and freshly washed. A second day hair after a wash would be ideal for trying this hair style.

  • Prep the hair first and refresh the texture with a curling iron. You can then use the control hairspray to hold the loose curls in place. 
  • Start by taking a small section of the crown, back combing it and then pinning it in the middle of the back of your head.
  • Repeat the same process for hair sections lifted from both sides and pin them at the back. Ensure that the hair is not combed and held back tightly, but in a loose and teased manner.
  • As you overlap the small pieces of hair at the back from each side you would create a braided effect.

To finish or complete the hairstyle, pull up and loosen the hair remaining on the back. This will help create an effortless and relaxed look. You can use the curling iron on the front to boost the hair and finish by using the control hair spray once again.

The above steps will help you create a nice rustic hair do that is ideal for neck or shoulder length hair. You can also flaunt it at a summer party or wear it for a poolside look. For a professional hair do tips find this and much more at Aveda hair salon website and app.