Spend Your Vacation Like A King In Macau

visiting Macau and its great salonsThe place is dubbed as the Vegas of Chinas it’s the epicenter of gambling, glamour wherein everything ranging from the world class living, entertainment, luxurious life is desirable and is not only it stays limited here but has a lot for you to explore than that. We were thrilled by the magnificent aura of the concoction of all the cultures and heritage mixing up and reflecting in almost every field of common life for all: whether we talk about the temples of Chinese origins staging a pride with the tiles in maritime of Portuguese along with the surprising sounds of Cantonese that happens to have owners with some Portuguese names! The potatoes and ground meat delicacy stir fired and the delectable egg tarts and dim sums can simply not be ignored. If you prefer the rural life to modern city life and are searching for something soothing and subdued then Macau has a lot of architectural places that will bring in the peace you want in your life.

We loved the Macau’s cuisine, which is a rich blend of Cantonese and Portugal, the taste refreshing and rich in goodness. If you love trying out new foods, then we suggest that you visit the local restaurants.

  • Hotel Sun Sun (free breakfast and a gym and an amazing salon close by)
  • Regency Art hotel
  • Hotel Sintra
  • The St. Regis Bar
  • Jade Dragon Restaurant

The best time, according to us to visit Macau would be between October to December when it doesn’t get unbearably cold and humidity is low as well. It’s known as the Las Vegas of china because it has some really great casinos as well such as the Venetian. It’s also famous for its Taipa villages. The gardens and picturesque landscapes of Macau are worth to die for. If you are a nature lover or photographer and haven’t been here yet, then you are missing out on a lot. Bar Street is popular for its drinks and live performances. If you haven’t taken a stroll through these places, then you have not seen Macau.

Where to stay?

  • Hotel Royal Macau
  • Studio City Macau
  • Grand Lapa Macau