Sacramento is a progressive city with great salons!

Sacramento, the historic city like none other in California has impressive attractions like parks, landmarks and other must-see spots. You can take in all this stuff or if you like to be pampered, you can also check out many of their amazing spas and salons.

Some of the most important things to see in Sacramento have been listed below.


  • William Land Park: the best community park


This is an open space park and is one of the largest in the city. It has several neighborhoods and offers many interesting amenities such as a Water Park, golf course, picnic spots and more. The most popular spots here include the Fairytale Town and the Sacramento Zoo.


  • California State Capitol: an interesting historic landmark


The Capitol building serves multiple purposes as it is government of California State, legislative house and the governor’s office. Many tourists from distinct places come to visit this famous historic landmark.  

  • Tower Bridge: an iconic feature of Sacramento


The bridge connects West Sacramento and Sacramento for pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles for easy commuting. It is undoubtedly one of the spectacular features the city offers for its people and visitors as well.


  • Old Sacramento: an impressive waterfront


This is one of the global tourist spots and one can find public and private museums, individuals and businesses here. It has a district dedicated to shopping and entertainment and hence endless people visit this spot on a day to day basis.


  • American & Sacramento Rivers: a lifetime experience


The city is located where the Sacramento and American Rivers connect. It offers a plethora of options for citizens in terms of lifestyle and entertainment. Some of the activities people enjoy here the most include swimming, boating, waterfront dining and relaxation.


  • City Historic Cemetery: a captivating outdoor museum


The City Historic Cemetery has attractive statues, lush gardens, and markers which make this museum one of the interesting and frequently visited one. Since the Gold Rush Era until now, the city has maintained its elegance. The museum keeps visitors engrossed with its antique beauties.