The Top 5 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Even Faster than it Currently Is!

Have you ever been in a situation where you absolutely needed your hair to grow longer in a span of one or two months? This might seem like a far-fetched idea to some women but it’s not entirely impossible.  If you have a big event coming up, say like your own wedding, and you need your hair long quickly, just follow these tips to get healthy locks of long lustrous hair in no time!

Tweak Your Diet

Your food can have a direct effect on how quickly your hair will grow. Eating foods rich in protein will help boost the keratin in your hair. Other hair-friendly foods include those that are filled with minerals like zinc and iron, vitamins like Vitamin D and E, and essential fatty acids. Examples of hair-friendly foods are fruits, green vegetables, fish, meat, walnuts, pulses and beans.

Hair Massage

Massaging your hair with coconut or olive oil promotes blood circulation in your scalp. This helps in the root and shaft to grow more speedily than they normally would.

Hair Treatments

Booking a hair strengthening treatment for fast growth of your hair is critically important.  Even getting regular hair treatments will make your hair growth faster and healthier. They also add a shine to the hair that many women long for.

Regular Trims

Just because you need your hair to grow fast doesn’t mean you can’t visit your haircutter once every two months. Trimming your hair can prevent split-ends from forming. Split-ends hamper normal hair growth and if you want your hair to grow fast, you should take measures to get rid of split-ends as well.

Flip the hair upside-down

This unorthodox method of growing your hair fast might seem too silly for some but it actually works! The science behind is that flipping the hair upside down stimulate the hair follicles and improves circulation in a similar way massaging does.

Cut the Stress out

Stress can affect the normal growth of your hair. If you really want your hair to grow long quickly, try indulging in stress-relieving activities.

Tape In Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Hair stylists who face clients with fine hair are often left in a dilemma to suggest the right ways to style or vary their hairdo. Indeed, with fine hair and short hair length there is not much that you can do with your hair. However, with advances in hair technology and products that are available in the market, most shortcomings are easily overcome with the right applications and the right techniques.

Tape in hair extensions

Gone are the days when one would think that hair extensions were only for elaborate theatrical performances or for stars. These are available in good quality and affordable prices and can offer you a transformational hairdo that you get at a place like Aveda hair salon. Youngsters and others who have fine hair but want to experiment with different looks will find a tape in hair extensions the perfect solution for a changed look.

These extensions help to add volume as well as add on length. All you need is to choose the right product that would match the color of your hair and texture of it as well. For such reasons it would be advisable to seek advice and help from a hair professional. You do not want to end up with a bad wrap that makes your hair look fake. For that reason the tape in extensions needs to be applied right.

How to use them?

Though there are home DIY kits available, you need to get yourself to a professional salon such as Aveda hair salon where professionals will get the extensions applied to your hair. These come with cuticle intact hair strands that look natural and need to be taped to the hair strands with adhesive of medical grade. You need to take them out after fix weeks and you can put them back on again if you wish. There is certain extension hair products that can reused as many as three times.  Hence, investing in such hair products will ensure great length and volume for your hair, which will last for 3 to 4 months.

A Summer Hair Style For Short Hair Length

Are you looking for new hair style ideas this summer? If you have shoulder length or shorter hair, you would find it easier to manage, especially if you live in tropical places where hair tends to get tangled and frizzy in the heat and humidity. However, it is no reason why you cannot try new looks or hair do this summer. Here is one hairdo that would certainly inspire you.

What you need?

Aveda hair salon gives you tips to get started with simple yet effective hair styles. This particular hair style offers you a rustic and carefree appearance. What you need is a flat or curling iron along with a teasing comb, bobby pins and a control hairspray product.

Steps to carry out

Ensure that the hair you try the style with is not too wispy and freshly washed. A second day hair after a wash would be ideal for trying this hair style.

  • Prep the hair first and refresh the texture with a curling iron. You can then use the control hairspray to hold the loose curls in place. 
  • Start by taking a small section of the crown, back combing it and then pinning it in the middle of the back of your head.
  • Repeat the same process for hair sections lifted from both sides and pin them at the back. Ensure that the hair is not combed and held back tightly, but in a loose and teased manner.
  • As you overlap the small pieces of hair at the back from each side you would create a braided effect.

To finish or complete the hairstyle, pull up and loosen the hair remaining on the back. This will help create an effortless and relaxed look. You can use the curling iron on the front to boost the hair and finish by using the control hair spray once again.

The above steps will help you create a nice rustic hair do that is ideal for neck or shoulder length hair. You can also flaunt it at a summer party or wear it for a poolside look. For a professional hair do tips find this and much more at Aveda hair salon website and app.

Be sure to work with a certified hair salon, or else it could be risky…

If you are looking for a great hair salon, is important you work with someone who is a professional and certified in certain products and techniques.

One of the most popular is Aveda which is a signature brand of hair care products that requires advanced certification and a significant investment in education.  We have heard horror stories of people going to a salon hoping for the best and getting completely the opposite of what they asked for.

Be sure to make a good investment in finding a salon that is certified in capable of doing the work that you are looking to have done.

Looking for a salon certified in Aveda or other products is a key to ensure you were working with somebody who has invested significant time money and education to provide professional and quality services.

An example of a professional Aveda specialist at work…

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid at A Hair Salon

Ever showed up at a party with hopes and expectations only to end up with frustration and disappointment?  The same is likely to happen when you go to the hair salon. Of course, most people are quick to lay the blame to the salon or hairstylist not realizing that the mistake was their own. Knowing the right thing to do will help you contribute to best results. Similarly, making certain mistakes will lead to horror results when it comes to your hair. It’s time you stopped falling victim of hair horror stories. Here are common mistakes to avoid if you want to have a good hair experience every time you go to the salon.

Showing up at the Salon with Dirty Hair

Don’t show up at the salon in your greasy ponytails. You don’t want to make it difficult for your stylist to do his or her work. It’s important that your stylist knows your makeup and hair routine. That’s exactly what stylists what to see. Understand that your stylist wants to create a style and choose colors that match and complement your beauty preferences. It’s, therefore, important that you consider visiting a hair salon when your locks are at their best.

Assuming your Hair Stylist Knows and Remembers Everything

The fact that you’ve been going to the same hair salon for months doesn’t mean that your hair stylist remembers or hasn’t forgotten anything. Let them know about your hair. Be frank to discuss with him or her about past treatments and services as this would help the stylist make a successful recommendation. That means you’ll have to recall everything possible even if you had covered up highlights for months. You can show your stylist a picture of yourself with your favorite style and let her know what you like about it.

Failure to Dress Up Properly

What do you usually wear when going to the salon? Most people don’t think what they dress really matter. Well, it matters what you dress. Avoid wearing hooded sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and collared shirts when going to the salon. These are clothes that are likely to alter and affect the natural fall of your hair. Consider removing jewelry as well. Make it easy for your hair stylist to do his or her work by wearing simple.

Not Relaxing

Most people show up at the salon not knowing that the time they spent there is supposed to be relaxing and spa-like experience. Lie down comfortably and relax. It’s important that you make the most of your time at the hair salon. You’re not here to interview or interrogate the hair stylist, remember. Focus on enjoying everything that’s being done.

Failure to Pay Attention

Why would you go to the hair salon and spend all the time looking at your phone? You need to be attentive to everything that’s going on between you and your stylist. This is the time to cultivate a relationship and engage with your stylist. Not paying attention and focusing on other things will end up changing your posture, slouching your shoulders, and moving your head. All these can impact your haircut and result in horror results.

Failure to Update your Hair Care Routine

While there’s nothing wrong with using the same old routine after you’ve had a new color service, it’s important to upgrade and start using a salon-grade shampoo that’s color-specific as well as other UV-blocking products. Your hair stylist will provide you with recommendations and instructions on tools, products, and methods to use after a new haircut. Make sure you follow everything your stylist tells you.

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