Be sure to work with a certified hair salon, or else it could be risky…

If you are looking for a great hair salon, is important you work with someone who is a professional and certified in certain products and techniques.

One of the most popular is Aveda which is a signature brand of hair care products that requires advanced certification and a significant investment in education.  We have heard horror stories of people going to a salon hoping for the best and getting completely the opposite of what they asked for.

We have a friend who owns a hair salon in Albany that is certified and she says you have to be really careful.  You risk having someone do a subpar job who might not be able to do what it is you’re looking for.

Be sure to make a good investment in finding a salon that is certified in capable of doing the work that you are looking to have done.

Looking for a salon certified in Aveda or other products is a key to ensure you were working with somebody who has invested significant time money and education to provide professional and quality services.

An example of a professional Aveda specialist at work…