Escuintla is a city located in Guatemala. It has rich trading, agricultural and, political history. Escuintla is also known to be one of the most prominent industrial bases of the country. It is a perfect city for spending a relaxing time to rejuvenate and spend time with loved ones.

Auto Safari Chapin

Auto Safari Chapin is an animal reserve that has a number of African animals. The place has beautiful scenery and I could see all the animals up close. I saw lions, giraffes, zebras, tigers, leopards among others. The trip was great as I went with my friend Mark with  We wanted to be cost conscious, really to see how much we could save across the board. It also has a pool and gives the feeling of a traditional zoo environment.

Parque Acuatico El ViejO Oeste

This is a waterpark located in Escuintla. It is a perfect theme park to visit with family. I went there once with my sister’s family and there were a lot of activities for children and adults. There were bat caves, giant glides, live plant tunnels, an abandoned mine in the park to add to the fun element.

El Barretal Coffee Farm

El Barretal Coffee Farm is a family owned business located in Escuintla. It is near the Pacaya Volcano and that adds up to the beauty and charm of the farm. I went there with a guide who made us reach the destination with the help of a comfortable bus. Apart from coffee plants, the Farm also had a lot of birds, and goats to look around for. I had the most amazing time around the smell of coffee plants. The air was very cool and breezy and was a great place for relaxation.

Acatenango Volcano

The Acatenango Volcano offers an overnight adventure in hiking. This is usually organized by the Tropicana rainforest. I took this trip in January and the arrangements were very good and convenient for all visitors. The sky was clear and it did not rain at all. The hike was for an altitude of 5000 ft and took more than 8 hours. The food provided to all hikers for hygienic and good. Acatenango Volcano serves as a spectacular view of the volcano eruptions and lava.

Sololá is a Beautiful Place to Visit

Sololá is a city that lies in the central highlands of the beautiful city of Guatemala. It is an urban center and is closely residing near to a lake. The city has a traditional culture and is a hub of many globally recognized organizations.

Lake Atitlan

The city resides near this lake. When I went to this lake, I hiked up the tall peaks of the lake to get a view of the sunrise. You can get a view of the sunrise with the volcanoes and it is the most beautiful sight ever for sun seekers. This lake also inhabits 3 villages which are traditional and have a unique personality of their own. This lake is a great visit for very spiritual and traditional insight.

Casa Cakchiquel

It is a 70-year-old building that offers a great lifetime experience of art, lake, and nature.  It is a cultural place that showcases the history of Maya. Upon my visit, I got an insight into the local culture of the place as women of the Maya community wore traditional clothes and their families were friendly enough to strike conversations and spread the culture. It even has a historical factor to it. The Cakchiquel also has hotels, activities and tourist spots that add up to the trip.

Torre Centroamericana – Central American Tower

Located in the capital of the city, the tower offers a great insight into the political history of the government back in the 20th Century and at present is a famous museum in Sololá. By going there, I got a lot of information on the main hub of political leadership in Sololá. The tower also has a beautiful architectural contribution to it which makes it all the more beautiful and worthwhile experience. Many tourists who come to Sololá prefer visiting this tower due to its political relevance. I also found women selling handicrafts outside this museum.  

Iglesia De San Jorge La Laguna

This is a Christian church located in the city of Sololá. The church has a colonial feel to it. I went here during night time and it offers a great spiritual experience. You will find a lot of people telling you about spiritual experiences related to the place and this church in particular.

Amazing Trip To Santo Domingo

Last week I went on a solo trip to Santo Domingo. I drive by my car over there, early in the morning. It is the capital of the Dominican Republic. It is a historic city that has buildings dated from the 1500s. It has many museums displaying medieval and Renaissance art. The city itself was established in 1496. The best time to visit is from November to March.

I went to Malecon which is a waterfront boulevard. After walking there for some time, I went to Pizza Hut for a quick bite. Then I went to Los Tres Ojos. There are caves made of limestone and has a series of three lakes nearby. It was a great opportunity to learn about the Dominican Republic’s first inhabitants. From there, I went to Columbus lighthouse. It was built in 1992 in the remembrance that Christopher Columbus landed into the New World. I went to Factory Steak and Lobster. I had mashed potatoes with truffles and ribeye steak for lunch. After that, I strolled along the Colonial Zone, visiting the Columbus Palace. It was built in 1514 and was the home to Christopher’s son, Don Diego. I even took the historic tour of Plaza de Espana and National Pantheon. In the night, I went to Don Pepe Restaurant. It was a Spanish restaurant with delicious cuisine. I had crab croquette and local corn crème Brulee and Barcelo rum. After such a pleasant dinner, I went to spend the night at intercom.

The next morning, I went to the Casabe Restaurant for breakfast. They serve fresh food and juices. I was amazed by the wonderful service they provided. I had Dominican grilled vegetables and omelet for my breakfast. Then I went to the Colonial zone for some shopping in the market.

Thus, I had a lovely time at Santo Domingo.

Erfurt: Enjoy A Trip With Your Family

Erfurt is the capital of Thuringia. The historical significance attracted me to this city. You should know that the city had been a part of the Holy Roman Empire. I came to know that this city was lucky enough to escape the destructions of World War II. When you visit this city, there are few things that you should do or see.


This is a unique medieval bridge. It is known to connect the Wenigemarkt and Benediktsplatz. The bridge aligns buildings that are half-timbered. I found the scenic of this place to be mesmerizing. It is the main road for the pilgrims who are visiting Camino de Santiago. Irrespective of plagued by many fires, the bridge survives. Talk a walk on the bridge to feel refreshed.

Erfurt Cathedral

Erfurt Cathedral is a significant landmark that you will find in the city. I was surprised to learn that this church is more than millennia old. Martin Luther had ordained it in the year 1507. You will find the largest free-swinging bell from the medieval period. I loved the interior of the cathedral. Check out the ancient treasures and relics.

Erfurt Synagogue

This is the oldest synagogues that you will come across in Entire Europe. In the year 2009, it had been transformed into the history museum of local Jews. You will find Hebrew Manuscripts which are important religious texts which belongs to the medieval period. However, the best thing that I found on exhibit here is the Erfurt Treasure. It is believed that was hidden in the properties of all local Jewish people.

Church of St. Severus

Just beside Erfurt Cathedral, you will find this church. It is the most important Roman Catholic site in the city. Church’s architecture gave a Gothic feeling. One of the important relics is the Severus of Ravenna’s remains.

Ciudad Juarez: Fun Things To Do In A Day

One of my favorite parts of traveling around the world is exploring places that people generally tend to overlook and discover the beauty and fun that they offer. Ciudad Juarez is a place that several people leave out of their list. However, it has so much to offer. When it comes to tourist attractions, the sky’s the limit. In case you have limited time in hand, here are some fun things to do in a day.

  • Spend the morning in Trepachanga Eco-Adventure Park

Start your day discovering the fun things you can be a part of. I chose Trepachanga Eco-Adventure Park to fly hundreds of feet above the ground. You are just going to be wrapped in a safety harness and can experience the breathtaking view for some second till gravity does its own thing. The wind here is a distraction from the heat you experience in the main city. You can grab something to eat after you land. There are delicious tortillas and burritos.

  • Visit the Samalayuca Dunes

Now it is time to head to Samalayuca Dunes. It is the least popular activities but it is also the most unique thing at Juarez. It is a tight community of various adventures and usually, local Mexicans are the ones coming here in jeeps. You cannot travel here without one. One of the best sites is watching people indulge in sandboarding.

  • Drink the best liquor

Are you tired and all covered in sand? Get to drinking. Head to a distillery. Mexico is famous for mezcal and tequila. However, there are also some less known regional specialties which are distilled from absolutely different plants. Juarez is a well-kept secret. However, if you dare to visit, you are surely going to have an incredible experience.

Explore The Best Of Hanoi

everything you want to know about HanoiHanoi, is the capital city of Vietnam and is also the second most popular city in this country, it lies on the right bank of the Red River. The French settlements, interaction and influences gives the city of Hanoi it’s characteristic dubbed name of being the Paris of East which has definitely turned into it a very tourist buzz area wherein you can clearly find the boulevards with the tree fringes and it major buildings and lakes from the times of the French rule.

Landing in Hanoi, we realized why this has been rated a must to go and the best places for travel destinations on reputed travel advisory sites like the TripAdvsior being in the list.  The people welcomed us with wide smiles and everything from the cab to the accommodation was extremely economical. If you are looking for entertainment in the city, then you will not have to look far. Hanoi is also known for being a major shopping hub of Asia and we suggest you watch the water puppetry shows in the theatres here. That is the purest form of local entertainment.

Places to see

  • Hoa Lo Prison Museum
  • Temple of Literature
  • HoanKiem Lake
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
  • Hai Ba Trung Temple
  • Bach Ma Temple
  • National Museum of History of Vietnam
  • Heritage House

Places to stay at

Places to dine at

  • Hanoi Social Club
  • Chim Sao
  • Bun Cha 34
  • La Badiane
  • Blue Butterfly
  • Old Hanoi
  • New Day
  • Cha Ca Thang long
  • Tim Ho Wan
  • Maison De Tet Décor

How to reach Hanoi?

Reaching Hanoi is easy since it is well connected by flights from all major cities across Asia. One can take the Vietnam national carrier or popular world – city, connecting flights such as Etihad and Emirates operate continuously there. Moreover, it is recommended that you spend at least a week in the city, so that you can imbibe the culture around you and also, see all the beautiful places.

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