Syracuse: Discovering the Charm of the Upstate New York City

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If you have to get away from the bustle of urban and enjoy a charming place, visit Syracuse. It offers something every season. Even though it is mostly popular for its winter, I found tons of attractions to check during summer, too. Starting from shopping to enjoying the parks in the city, you can do it all.

Let’s check out the top things you can do when you are in Syracuse.

  1. Rosamond Gifford Zoo

This was the first stop I made in the city. It is one of the 10% of the zoos that is a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The zoo opened its doors in 1914. I found the history of this place to be as interesting as the present. When it was established, it was only 4 acres of the educational facility but at present is covers an area of 43 acres of land. There are thousands of animals to see here. This zoo is open all year round.

  1. Destiny USA

The largest shopping mall in the state will offer you all your favorite stores. Apart from these, you will also find some restaurants serving great good, entertainment, and nightlife. This mall takes luxury to a whole new level by offering special services such as valet parking. From time to time, the mall also organizes events and free children’s activities.

  1. Niagara Mohawk Building

What I loved the most about this attraction was the art-deco architecture. This used to serve as the Niagara Hudson Electric Company’s headquarters but was originally created to be the cathedral of light. The architecture of the building makes sure that it gleams and glitters in every way. Presently, it can light up in whatever color you want. Albeit it is now owned by National Grid Company, it is a protected historic marker, too.

Daegu – City of Herbal Medicine and More

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Among the different cities that I visited in South Korea, Daegu was characteristically different, with its roots in traditional medicine, age-old heritage places such as old churches and missionaries along with local cuisine that is soul-soothing and unique.

Feel of the City

As I explored the city I discovered that there are several colleges and universities, giving the town a young feel that is carefree. The populace comprises of many exchange students who come here from other countries. There are convenient subway systems to get by as well as temple stays that are unique experiences for travelers.

Places to Visit

There are several places that you can visit here. I took on a guided local tour that took me to Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral which is a twin-spired building with unique architectural features.

My trip around the city also included Daegu Jeil Church, a destination that steeped in local religious history. Next was a visit to Daegu National Museum which has exhibits of armor, Buddhist relics, jewelry, textiles, Confucian manuscripts and so forth.

I enjoyed visiting the herbal medicine marketplace as well. This is a renowned shopping area in this city and it is said to have been set up in 1658. My explorations around the city also included the grassy hillocks of Bullo-dong Tumuli region, the Confucian school called Daegu Hyanggyo which was set up in 1398.

Soul Food Adventures

There are several humble eating places here. I especially enjoyed traditional Korean cuisine at Gaejeong which has several popular local dishes such as spicy buckwheat noddle soups. Kyusan is known to be a popular restaurant here for ramen noodles. Bongsan Jjim-Galbi is known here for beef ribs, slow-cooked with spices and over steam. I would recommend that you put aside a weekend to enjoy a carefree holiday in this town.

Chiclayo – The City That Sells Itself

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The city is the most favored city by the businessmen in Peru. Overall the trade routes for Peru go through the city marking some major commercials in the city itself. The temperatures in this city are always warm and will make you like this city instantly. Though the city is highly commercialized by the urban culture, you will be able to find many bustling restaurants and bars here. If you are looking for some attractions, that will be difficult to find here. But be sure to hit your taste buds and drinking capacity because the city is Lively with drink parties.

Café 900

This is one of the oldest cafes in Chiclayo, the designing of the café too is very medieval times kind but the theme is really loved by everyone, the tourists and locales. You will be able to spot those long ceiling fans working really slow and you will be given the menus over the hand fans. That is something I really loved. The music here is very calm and most of the times it is the live music that will entertain you. There will be slow jazz music by some very amazing artists and performances will be really entertaining. When it comes to the food they will provide you with their ancient locals and trust me, they are finger licking amazing.


This is the most famous and bustled club all around the city. Even working people after getting done are here almost regularly, the feels in the club are very vibrant and lively. The whole club has over three different themed bars and two different themed restaurants inside of it. It is the largest club all around and is open at all times. It is never closed. It is open 24×7 for the whole year except for their own compulsion holidays. One must visit this place if you want to get high on the good stuff.

Dawson City: Enjoy the Fun Things to do

Had I not visited Dawson City, my trip to Yukon would not have been complete. This city made the journey more exciting. Riding through splendid mountains and untouched forests will surely be a treat for the eyes. The experience was simply unmatched. There are so many fun things to be a part of. Let’s, take a look at some of these things.

Drop in at Tombstone Territorial Park

This is the best place to start with your journey into the wilderness. Drive to Tombstone Imperative Center. This is the place where you start with a hike into the mountains. However, make sure that you are ready for sudden changes that take place in the weather of the place. You are going to love the view that the trail has to offer. Believe me, this will be an unforgettable experience for you. Click photos to take some memories back home.

Attend Thaw Di Gras

This is actually a festival that celebrates the coming spring. This weekend festival isn’t official. If you are visiting Dawson City in March, you will be able to attend this festival. There are various activities that go on during this time such as tricycle races or ax throwing. There are sculptors that gather together to take part in snow sculpting. I had a great time here.

Go for Klondike Valley Mud Bog

In the month of August, the locals gather to spend an exhilarating afternoon under the Moosehide slide.  The activity is that they slide mud. For this, they use all sorts of things such as homemade vehicles to monster trucks. The aim is to cross the mud valley in one piece. This was something that hadn’t seen before. It was a unique experience. So, get your ear-plugs to cut the roaring sound and cheer these people.

Sololá is a Beautiful Place to Visit

Sololá is a city that lies in the central highlands of the beautiful city of Guatemala. It is an urban center and is closely residing near to a lake. The city has a traditional culture and is a hub of many globally recognized organizations.

Lake Atitlan

The city resides near this lake. When I went to this lake, I hiked up the tall peaks of the lake to get a view of the sunrise. You can get a view of the sunrise with the volcanoes and it is the most beautiful sight ever for sun seekers. This lake also inhabits 3 villages which are traditional and have a unique personality of their own. This lake is a great visit for very spiritual and traditional insight.

Casa Cakchiquel

It is a 70-year-old building that offers a great lifetime experience of art, lake, and nature.  It is a cultural place that showcases the history of Maya. Upon my visit, I got an insight into the local culture of the place as women of the Maya community wore traditional clothes and their families were friendly enough to strike conversations and spread the culture. It even has a historical factor to it. The Cakchiquel also has hotels, activities and tourist spots that add up to the trip.

Torre Centroamericana – Central American Tower

Located in the capital of the city, the tower offers a great insight into the political history of the government back in the 20th Century and at present is a famous museum in Sololá. By going there, I got a lot of information on the main hub of political leadership in Sololá. The tower also has a beautiful architectural contribution to it which makes it all the more beautiful and worthwhile experience. Many tourists who come to Sololá prefer visiting this tower due to its political relevance. I also found women selling handicrafts outside this museum.  

Iglesia De San Jorge La Laguna

This is a Christian church located in the city of Sololá. The church has a colonial feel to it. I went here during night time and it offers a great spiritual experience. You will find a lot of people telling you about spiritual experiences related to the place and this church in particular.

Amazing Trip To Santo Domingo

Last week I went on a solo trip to Santo Domingo. I drive by my car over there, early in the morning. It is the capital of the Dominican Republic. It is a historic city that has buildings dated from the 1500s. It has many museums displaying medieval and Renaissance art. The city itself was established in 1496. The best time to visit is from November to March.

I went to Malecon which is a waterfront boulevard. After walking there for some time, I went to Pizza Hut for a quick bite. Then I went to Los Tres Ojos. There are caves made of limestone and has a series of three lakes nearby. It was a great opportunity to learn about the Dominican Republic’s first inhabitants. From there, I went to Columbus lighthouse. It was built in 1992 in the remembrance that Christopher Columbus landed into the New World. I went to Factory Steak and Lobster. I had mashed potatoes with truffles and ribeye steak for lunch. After that, I strolled along the Colonial Zone, visiting the Columbus Palace. It was built in 1514 and was the home to Christopher’s son, Don Diego. I even took the historic tour of Plaza de Espana and National Pantheon. In the night, I went to Don Pepe Restaurant. It was a Spanish restaurant with delicious cuisine. I had crab croquette and local corn crème Brulee and Barcelo rum. After such a pleasant dinner, I went to spend the night at intercom.

The next morning, I went to the Casabe Restaurant for breakfast. They serve fresh food and juices. I was amazed by the wonderful service they provided. I had Dominican grilled vegetables and omelet for my breakfast. Then I went to the Colonial zone for some shopping in the market.

Thus, I had a lovely time at Santo Domingo.

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